Shower Enclosure Buying Guide

Buying a brand new shower is an exciting prospect but one of the most essential items is the shower enclosure. Before you begin your project, it’s a good idea to plan where your shower enclosure is likely to go and to get to grips with the space you’re working with.

  1. What to think about when choosing a shower enclosure
  2. What type of shower enclosures are available
  3. What is the difference between a Wet Room and a Walk-In Shower Enclosure
  4. Glass Thickness, what’s the difference?
  5. What to think about before you buy a shower tray?

What to think about when choosing a Shower Enclosure


First of all, you’ll want to assess the type of space you are working with. Do you have an existing shower in place that you simply want to upgrade or are you looking for a design change incorporating a walk-in shower or wet room?

What enclosure style?

You’ll need to decide what style of enclosure you’re looking for. Is it a shower bath, shower enclosure, walk-in shower or wet room? Of course, factors such as size and budget may affect your final decision but it’s good to have ideas already in mind.


Thinking about the usage of your shower enclosure may affect the type you choose to buy. For example, is this shower enclosure going to be used by the whole family or is it part of an en-suite? Knowing what you need is a great way to ensure you get the best results possible.

If you have space in a family bathroom and aren’t too fussed about a fancy bath, you may want to opt for a more luxurious option such as a walk-in shower enclosure. Alternatively, if you’re short on space, we have quadrant shower enclosures that could help you maximise your room – they also look amazing.

Walls and positioning

The layout of your bathroom may affect what work needs to be done in order for you to achieve your shower goals. Are you planning to keep your shower in its existing location? If so, the amount of work that will need to be done may be minimal as the existing pipework should already be in place.

Altering the location of your shower enclosure will incur extra building work and costs. However, the time and financial implications will be worth it if you’re looking to revolutionise your restroom. But don’t panic, there are things in place to ease the stress.

Which way do you want the door to open?

You will need to consider which way the shower enclosure doors are going to open, otherwise it might get messy. It may seem like common sense but sometimes they’re the easiest things to miss. You don’t want to install a shower enclosure, only to find it collides with other bathroom units – nightmare! Take a little bit of time to think about the space, aesthetics and function of your shower so that your door is able to swing out into clear space.

Other positioning issues to bear in mind includes the placement of alcoves, left or right handed swing on the shower door or whether you need adjustment for wonky walls. Our showers frames are adjustable with up to 15mm so that you can achieve the perfect fit.

What type of Shower Enclosures are available?

We have numerous shower enclosure options to suit your personal tastes and requirements that will add luxury and style to your bathroom space. Each of our shower enclosures are manufactured from the finest materials, providing quality and durability.

You have two options – either a full enclosure that is made of one or more panels to create a shower space or just a single door that, along with a shower tray, can be slotted into a pre-existing space. A full enclosure creates the space to fit a shower, whereas a door can make a shower with space already available to you. Ta-dah!