Gas Safety & Servicing

JPD Plumbing Ltd is on-hand to provide essential safety testing on your gas appliances and systems. A recent survey revealed that as few as 50% of home owners have their Gas Appliances serviced by a Gas Safe Registered installer at least once a year. Contact us today to speak to us about investing in protection and peace of mind.

What are the benefits of Servicing?

As with anything, to book and pay for a boiler or fire service while your system appears to be working can seem like an unnecessary expense. However, annual maintenance is the safe and most cost-efficient way to run your heating and hot water systems and can have a number of positive effects:

  • Significant increase to the life of the Appliance (Fire, Boiler etc)
  • Improves efficiency of system.
  • Early diagnosis of potential problems.
  • Reduces energy costs.
  • Help save costly and untimely repairs.
  • Detection of fatal carbon monoxide leaks.

Those who neglect to regularly maintain their boiler and central heating system will experience reduced efficiency and increased costs. Regular maintenance can extend component life by as much as 30%. This could increase the life expectancy of your boiler by an additional 5 – 10 years.

Most heating engineers will tell you that about 50% of all repairs they do could have been avoided with regular maintenance. Heating system repairs typically run into hundreds of pounds, yet many people will only consider calling an engineer when the problem has developed and their boiler or fire has ceased to operate.

Crucially, annual service calls can save your life and the lives of your loved ones. Small cracks in a boiler heat exchanger or problems with flue system, or blocked chimneys, could allow deadly carbon monoxide gas to seep into your home. Accidental carbon monoxide poisoning causes a reported 50 deaths every year in the UK. A trained service engineer knows how to spot danger signs in the system and JPD Plumbing engineers also carry essential equipment to ensure the gas appliances are burning the correct amount of gas, mixed with the right amount of air for that perfect combustion.

What your check guarantees

JPD Plumbing safety checks are comprehensive, making sure that your home or property is optimised for best protection and performance. Our technicians make sure that your gas appliances are:

  • Burning correctly, without producing carbon monoxide
  • Venting gases in an appropriate manner
  • Using clear and safe ventilation routes
  • Positioned and installed correctly
  • Covered by up-to-date safety records

Our engineers issue safety certification after every check, to ensure that your commitment to safety is fully documented.

Watch out for warning signs

Your gas products should ideally be checked at least once a year. However, please keep an eye out for potential problems gas safety warning signs include:

  • Appliances failing to work properly
  • Appliances burning with a yellow or orange flame
  • Dark stains around the edges of your appliances
  • Your pilot light continually failing
  • Increased condensation inside your windows

Don’t forget regular testing and maintenance not only increases safety but also product efficiency.

An annual boiler service and check-up from JPD Plumbing Ltd can mean we help you avoid expensive repairs, as well as reducing your annual gas consumption.
A typical house with 3 gas appliances (Boiler, fire and cooker) costs approximately £90 + Vat for a full service and maintenance check. This includes a full Gas Safety inspection and certification as well. Compared to British Gas, that could offer a saving of up to £126 per year. Contact us now to save money in the future.